29/07/2017 – Pulmonary emphysema: understand the symptoms and know how to prevent (Portuguese). [Zero Hora]

30/09/2015 – VIDA Diagnostics Inc. wins Product of Outstanding Interest Award for Precision Pulmonary Imaging Solution at ERS International Congress 2015. [Bio-Medicine]

23/07/2015 – Hospital Maciel performed the first endoscopic insertion of bronchial valve in Uruguay (Spanish). [Radio Monte Carlo – Uruguay]

13/05/2014 – Hospital Dia do Pulmão consolidates as the second Brazilian Center in the endoscopic treatment of Pulmonary Emphysema (Portuguese). [G1]

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23/01/2014 – After one year, 90 survivors of Kiss still concern doctors (Portuguese). [G1]

04/10/2013 – Medical team of Hospital Municipal São José performed the first endoscopic insertion of bronchial valve in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil (Portuguese). [A Notícia – Joinville]

03/19/2013 – The coordinators of the Emphysema Treatment Group of Hospital Moinhos de Vento present the endoscopic treatment technique in Fortaleza, Brazil (Portuguese). [ANAHP]

03/05/2013 – Pulmonologists take innovative technique to Colombia (Portuguese). [ANAHP]

01/15/2013 – Pioneer intervention: a relief for patients with severe emphysema (Spanish). [La Nación – Argentina]

10/14/2011 – Procedure increases respiratory capacity of patients with emphysema, a disease that usually strikes smokers (Portuguese). [ISTOÉ Magazine]

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